Submitting to Investors

Your Gust account allows you to search for suitable investors to apply for funding. Once you have filled out enough information on your Once you have created your profile on Gust and have input enough information, you can start to apply to investor accounts.

How to Access the Search Engine

1. Log into your  Gust account

2. Click the  Search Icon in the top navigation bar (the magnifying glass)

3. On the left of the next page, you will see a navigation column where you can enter search filters; Location, Industry and Key Word. You can apply multiple filters at once. You can also segment results to just investors by clicking the investor link on the left.

  We recommend you start with a specific search to get the closest matching investors and expand your search from there. 


Applying to an investor organization

1. You can now apply to one of the organizations in your search results by clicking on one of the names of the organizations

2.  READ the profile! Before you follow through with the application, we recommend you review the information that the investor has provided to ensure that you are a good fit! The most efficient way to get traction with investors is to apply to relevant groups. 

3. Click the "Apply For Funding" button to begin the application process.

4. If you've already created a Gust profile, you'll be able to use it for the basis of your application. If you have multiple companies in Gust, you'll be asked to select which one to use for your application. 

Have do I know if I have applied?

Check your  Home / Dashboard page on Gust. There is a section for investors you have started and completed applications to. You can manage your relationships from this section, or finish incomplete applications by clicking on the link to "Resume."

Note that you may not see the Investors section right away, but if you scroll down on the page you'll find it below the fold.