Publishing your profile

What happens if I publish my profile?

If you publish your Gust profile, we'll list it in our directory of other published Gust Company Profiles. A limited view will be accessible to anyone browsing our directory of companies. Only investors with membership to a group that uses Gust's Group Investor Platform will be able to send you a request for full access.

What can people see if I publish?

Gust only presents a limited view of your company to people browsing our directory. Your contact information, executive summary, documents, financials, and pitch deck are all kept private. Only investors from groups with a license for Gusts Group Investor Product will be able to send you a request for full access.

Here's what a published profile looks like to someone you have not submitted to or granted access to: 

Here's what they'll see if they try to view the more detailed information about your company: 

I've published my profile, does that mean investors can see it?

No. It means investors can see the limited view your Company Profile, if they happen to browse it from our directory. If you're looking for investment, it's best to submit to investors directly from their profile page. Investor groups are also browseable at

Do I have to publish my profile? 

Not at all. If you choose to keep your profile private you can still submit directly to investors and they'll be able to see all your information. You just won't be listed in our directory.

If I publish my profile will it be visible anywhere else?

Gust provides the backend for three Hub sites, in BostonNew York and London. If your company is located in one of those cities we'll also give you exposure there. As well, Gust Company Profiles that are published ARE indexed by Google, so your Gust profile might be visible in a Google search for your company name, your name, or the names of your management team members.