Applying to a specific group

I'm applying to a specific group, how can I find them and make sure they get my application? 

You can search for a group by name using the keyword search here:

From the group's profile page you can click on the 'Apply for Funding" button if they're an investor organization, or "Apply By <Date>" if it's a program.

How can I tell if my application went through?

Once you've successfully submitted an application to an angel group Gust will create an entry on your Home page, the first page you see when you log in. You may need to scroll down to see it. Below is a snapshot of the table where your investor relationship will appear. 

You can tell this user has successfully completed their submission to East Coast Angels because Gust shows the date the application was submitted, and they now have the option to "Manage Relationship." 

Accelerator Applications are in their own table that only appears if you've applied to an Accelerator Program. 

This user successfully submitted to East Coast Boot Camp, but didn't complete their application to Fintech Founders Club before the deadline passed. 

How long will it take a group to get back to me?

Every investor group has a different process, and different cycles. If it's a group that only invests at certain times of year, it might be a few months before you hear back from them. If it's a highly active group they might get back to you more quickly. It's rare to hear back from a group in less than a few weeks, so you shouldn't expect to hear anything right away. 

Gust will send you a weekly activity summary to tell you about any investor activity on your account. When investors download documents or set an interest level on your application, we track that activity and report on it in the weekly Activity Summary. Activity Summaries are sent out on Sunday nights, and they do not include information about the identities of the investors. 

I received an interest level notification, how do I find out who this interested investor is? 

The activity summary doesn't require you to follow up. Interest levels are an internal tracking tool for groups to gauge interest in deals that come through their pipeline. We only make this information visible to you so that you can get a sense of how engaged investors are with your application. Once a group has reviewed your information and wants to work on a deal, they'll follow up with you directly at the contact information listed in your Gust profile.