Interpreting Investor Group Feedback

What does it mean that my application is "Inactive"

When an investor group is no longer actively considering a deal, they move the deal into an inactive state. Groups can create custom stages for inactive deals, but the default is "Declined." If you get notified that a relationship with an investor group has been made "Inactive" you should interpret as a pass unless the group has given you other feedback or instruction. 

When a group moves your application to declined, Gust notifies you so that you can choose to withdraw your profile so the group can no longer view it. 

I received a notification that an investor was interested in my activity summary, how do I get in touch with them?

Investors on Gust often make decisions or invest as a group. Part of this process is that groups collect "Interest Levels" for the deals they're reviewing. Seeing that an investor set an interest level is a good sign because it means the group is reviewing your application and engaging with your company profile. That's why we tell you about it. 

At this time though, the group is still undecided about doing a deal with you. This is just part of the review process. If a group is ready to move forward on a deal with you, they'll contact you directly. 

How can I see which investors I've applied to? 

On your main Dashboard page when you log in, there are two tables that list your relationships. One for Accelerator Programs, and one for investors that you've started an application to or submitted to. If you haven't submitted your application yet, you'll know because it will still say "Resume" beneath the investor group's name.