Re-applying to An Investor

I've already applied to a group, but things have changed and I want to submit again. 

Gust doesn't support multiple applications to a group for the same funding round, but if you completed a round of funding and now you're looking to raise a new one, Gust does have multi-round support. 

You can open a new round in the Financials section of your Company Profile. The first thing you'll want to do is CLOSE your current round if it's still open. Gust will ask you for details about the investment when you close it. 

Next you can click on "Create New Funding Round" and you can put in the information about how much you're now looking to raise. 

Once you've opened the new round, when you click on "Apply for Funding" for an investor, instead of being taken back to your existing application, you'll be taken to a new one that pulls from your Company Profile and creates a brand new Deal Room for the group. 

I'm still raising the same round, but I want to reapply because I've updated my profile.

Changes you make to your profile when you have active relationships with investor groups will be visible to the groups. They'll be notified in their Daily Activity Summary that your company has made updates if they're subscribed to a deal with you. 

If you want to create a completely new application without opening a new round, the only way to do so is to remove your Company Profile and create a new one from scratch to apply with again.