Receiving Applications

How can I start getting deal flow? 

In order to receive applications from entrepreneurs you'll want to make sure your Application is turned on. Group Admins can toggle the application on/off under "Settings > Application Editor."

Entrepreneurs can find your group and apply to it through our directory of Investor Organizations and Programs. They can search by Keyword, Industry or Location to find your group.

When they apply they'll see your group's profile page, which your Group Administrators can update. 

What if we want to use Gust for applications, but not be listed in Search?

If you prefer not be listed in search, you can arrange that by contacting Gust Support or your Gust Account Manager. We can set up your group so that you don't appear in search, but you can still host a link on your website that will allow you to use Gust for applications. 

How can I get a specific company to submit to my group?

If you're already in contact with a founder who's applying to your group, there are two ways to direct them toward your Gust application. 

The first way is to send them to your group's profile page, or to instruct them to look for you in search. 

The second way is to create a New Deal from your Deal List, and use the Invite Entrepreneur feature to send them an email invitation to the deal. When you invite the entrepreneur, you're allowing them to bypass any application fees you normally charge. The entrepreneur receives an invitation via email and when they click the link will be asked to either sign up for, or log in to Gust. 

Can I add questions to my application? 

The Gust application has three sections: 

  1. Entrepreneur Instructions
  2. Company Profile
  3. Additional Questions

Under Entrepreneur Instructions, you can provide any context you think will be helpful, or background information on the application process for applying founders. 

Company Profile questions are part of an entrepreneurs Gust Profile. If the founder already has a Gust profile, these fields will be pre-filled based on their profile data. If they don't already have one, after they complete this section of the application, the information will also appear in their profile. If a founder has more than one application to a group, they can still only use one set of answers for the Company Profile section. 

if a question in the Company Profile section isn't important to your group - you can leave it unchecked in your application so that it's not required. If something isn't required the entrepreneur will still be able to answer it, but they can submit the application without doing so. 

You can create your own custom questions in the Additional Questions section. These questions aren't part of the Company Profile, and the answers are only visible to your group. Additional Questions can be Yes/No checkboxes, dropdowns, multiple-choice, or text responses.