Adding Your Company's Logo

Where do I add my company's logo?

First, navigate to your Company Profile section. If you don't see this header because you're in the middle of an application, click "Finish this later." That will take you to your homepage where you can navigate to your Company Profile. 

Once on your company profile, your placeholder logo will appear in the top left hand corner.

You can click on the placeholder logo to upload your logo. 

What kind of logo should I use?

A standard image file like a png or jpeg will work nicely for the logo. It's important that your logo be square and not oblong though, otherwise it will end up cut off. 300x300 is a great size but any square image will look good. If your logo is long and skinny, you or your logo designer can add whitespace to the top and bottom to make the image dimensions square. 

I uploaded my logo to the Background and it's cut off.

The background is not necessarily a good place to put your logo. Usually companies use this space to add some branding or flair to their Gust profile. Because the banner is a large rectangle, you'll want to use a similarly sized image, keeping in mind that the Company Basics section will usually be covering it on the left. 

You can use a landscape, stock art, a picture of your product or some interesting vector art in this section. The size of the banner is 1025 by 265.