Adding Group Members

How do I add a member to my group?

You can add a member to your group from the Members tab on your main deal list page. 

When you click Add New Member you'll be prompted to provide an email address and name, as well as short message to the invitee. 

What do new members see when I add them? 

Members that you invite to your group will receive an email invitation to sign up for Gust. They'll see the text you've provided as well as two buttons to follow the invite. One that they can use to claim the invitation with an existing Gust account, and one that can be used to sign up from scratch. 

The text you provide in the invite will appear below the two buttons and the sign up instructions. 

When they click on Claim Your Account to create a new account, their email and name will be automatically filled in, but they can make changes if they want to. They'll also be asked to choose a location and password. 

Additional Resources

You can also view our investor group member primer video here: