Gust for Accelerators: FAQs

What is Gust for Accelerators? 

Gust's Accelerator Platform (GAP) is a dedicated platform for accelerators. Whereas the core Gust platform was created to primarily serve the needs of angel groups and founders, GAP is a separate platform that is better suited to the needs of an accelerator, but is still connected to the larger Gust ecosystem. Gust for Accelerators is a better for competitions, incubators, and accelerator programs than the Angel Group platform. 

How does GAP differ from the angel group platform?

Users of Gust's core platform will find GAP to have a lot of familiar features, with some key differences. 

1. Unlike Gust Core, GAP does not use an application template. This means programs create their applications 100% from scratch and entrepreneurs must complete an application each time they apply to a program. They won't be able to use their company profiles the same way they can when applying to an angel investor group. 

2. GAP allows organizations to have multiple applications. This means that you can have multiple applications running concurrently, or you can create a new application each time you're running a new cohort or class. With GAP founders that have applied in previous cohorts can apply again when you open a new application. 

3. Each stage in pipeline will have it's own judging criteria, and you can assign judges to different stages. This way you can evaluate companies that apply more than once, based on different criteria, and you can structure who reviews which companies at which stage in the pipeline.

How much is does it cost?

Gust's Accelerator Platform is free to use. 

Will Gust help me source applications for the Accelerator I'm running?

Yes! As long as you place a link to your Gust application on your main Gust site, we'll include your application in our weekly newsletter that goes out to founders on Gust. The newsletter changes based on what programs are happening that week, where a company is located, and what industry they're in. Your program will be given priority placement to founders that are a good match for your program based on that criteria. 

We'll also give your program priority placement in our searchable directory of programs as your deadline approaches, and advertise it on Founder's dashboards.