Protect yourself from fraud

Investors from Gust will never initiate contact with you from outside of the platform

Gust works with investor groups and does consultations with them before they can sign up for the platform. Once the group has been granted access to Gust, it's members can browse Gust's directory of publicly viewable Company Profiles and "Request Access" to see the full profile of companies that interest them.

Any legitimate investor that you have not applied to directly that's interested in your company will always "Request Access" from within the platform. A real Gust investor should never email you directly before connecting with you via an in platform access request. 

Unfortunately Gust is sometimes targeted by individuals acting in bad faith, impersonating investors. These individuals do not have Gust accounts and typically operate by Googling your company name to find your contact email address, and emailing you directly claiming to be an investor "from Gust.' Real investors do not contact companies in this way, and investors from Gust will always initiate a relationship by sending you a request for access to your profile. 

The way the scam run by these bad actors works is , after initiating contact, you will usually be asked to provide either sensitive information to confirm your identity (identity theft) or transfer money to an international account for a phony reason before the individual can "invest" (wire fraud). It is very important not to provide these individuals with ANY information about yourself or giving them any means of collecting money from you.

*To learn more about what is visible on your public profile please go here

Known aliases of fraudulent investors and bad actors

February 2023 - Marlax Capital AB

January 2023 - Wealth Capital Investments Ltd.   

January 2021 - Wisawaunitedfunds dot com
June 2020 -

June 2020 -

April 2020 - PT Asian Investment

April 2020 - Thomas Hikks

March 2020 - 'Jimmy Wong, Morgan Stanley' 
(Note: there does seem to be a legitimate Morgan Stanley employee named Jimmy Wong, but in this case someone has been imitating him to commit fraud against entrepreneurs.)  
March 2020 - Chatchai Kaewbootta, Srisawad Corp. PCL   
March 2020 - Kuhn Navaporn Santichai, Resource Link Consulting Group.

December 2019 - Vivian Lin 

February 2019 - Abeam Consultings Limited

May 2018 - James Qaing

May 2018 -  Stephen Motse - South Africa

January 2018 - Paul Martin - Former Prime Minister of Canada 

September 2017 -  Sergio Mikhailovich

September 2017-   KINFAN (HK) Limited -

September 2017 -  Wichai Thongtang(วิชัยทอง)

September 2017 -  Aloke Lohia

September 2017 -  Saleh Al Ghamdi

September 2017 -  Boonchai Bencharongkul -

August 2017 - Allan Robinson

May 2017 -  Pete Bodharamik - Jasmine International

May 2017 -  Sibusiso Shandu 

May 2017 - MANAGEMENT & SOLUTIONS LIMITED, London, UK With Albert Jones

May 2017 - Donald Earl and Maaz Flp Holdings, Nevada

May 2017 - Tomas Martinez -

April 2017 -  Chutinant Bhirombhakdi - Singha Estate Public Company Limited.

March 2017 - James Smithie 

March 2017 - Talatex Limited is not an investor group that currently uses Gust. We have received complaints from founders who received suspicious emails referencing Gust, from people claiming to be from the company and wanting to invest. 

March 2017 - " Paul Robertson" has contacted entrepreneurs and is believed to be a bad actor.

March 2017 - " Association for Project Management" Someone mimicking emails is contacting entrepreneurs on Gust and claiming they want to invest. There Association for Project Management does not use Gust and will never contact a Gust company about investment. 

Feb 2017 - Someone posing as "Mr. William Heinecke of Minor International "

(Please note: The real Mr. Heinecke's office has been in touch with Gust and is working with Gust Support to combat this fraud.)

Persons or companies suspected of scraping

Individuals that appear in the list below are suspected of scraping Gust for information about potential companies to use as leads for their business services. They are not affiliated with Gust.